MoneyGram payment instructions

1. Please note that you have selected to pay by MoneyGram and we will send You the beneficiary’s details in a separate email as soon as you create an order. Save them only if you are proceeding with payment for your order in the next 24 hours. In any other scenarios (e.g. you will be paying later) please always make sure to check your new ORDER DETAILS first.

2. Please make sure the receiver’s name is CORRECTLY spelled otherwise we won’t be able to pick up the funds.

3. In order for us to pick up the funds will be needing the exact name of the sender and the 8-digit reference number the MoneyGram agent will provide you.

4. MoneyGram don’t allow transfers for a purchase of goods or services. Please make sure to answer you’re not buying anything and also that you personally know the receiver.

5. We also recommend transfers to be made from local agencies, not online or using a credit card.

6. In addition, please pay attention to the maximum amount of each beneficiary. For example, to pay an order of $900 with 2 beneficiaries limited to $500 each, please send $500 on the first beneficiary and $400 on the second beneficiary.

Money Gram does not allow commercial transactions so please do NOT mention that you want to pay for an online order when you are filling your payment form. If the Agent asks you about the purpose of the payment you can tell him/her that you are sending the money to your relatives or friends. Do not specify any details of your order (the name of the ordered items, the name of the website, etc.)


If you have any questions about payment or order details please contact us!

Once we’ll receive your payment your order will be shipped from our safe warehouse in Europe.

  • First and Last sender’s name;
  • Your Total amount in USD;
  • Receivers name you sent the funds;
  • Money Transfer Control Number (REF# – 8 digits)

All required information please send to: or to our manager John Bells Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment.


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